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Hipposerve Case Study

Design Brief

The first character I have animated.

The brief was to keep it subtle.  The case of did he just move or did I imagine it.  Originally I was going to have the whole head move slightly, but I think less is more.  In this short version, the eyes move and he blinks, the ears twitch too, but in the full version, the nostrils occasionally flare, the mouth thins and the eyebrows move when the eyes look up.  All very subtle.

The video produced was part of our package of videos produced for website, social media posting, as well as videos sized for Instagram and Facebook and most importantly for a client, a version for Zoom.



Hipposerve- animated logo static to animated


Shaun Pritchard
Owntwo Creative
Moxy’s flair for storytelling through her animations is amazing
November 11, 2020

Moxy’s flair for storytelling through her animations is amazing. She is able to articulate your brand’s message to your customers and provide you with a slick, beautiful, professional-quality motion graphics that you can be proud of.

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