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Liberation Case Study

Design Brief

As soon as I saw this logo on LinkedIn, I really wanted to animate it.  It literally screamed out to me, so I commented about what I would do if I was commissioned to animate it.

From reading Hillary Hall’s website I learned about Hillary, which services she offers and her empathetic caring approach to her clients. So together with Hillary D Hall, I suggested how I would love to approach this project.

It goes without saying the branch needs to give and the birds need to flap, but it is the little details that were important to me.  The branch shouldn’t just pivot, it should bend a little. The birds being slightly alarmed as the outer one lands would open their eyes, flap their wing, and chirp, and their legs… a little bit of artistic licence there.   Another little subtlety is the landing outer bird slipping gently down the branch as it lands, signifying “every little thing is going to be alright”.

The video produced was part of our package of videos prodused for website, social media posting, as well as videos sized for instagram and facebook.



Liberation - animated logo static to animated


Jason Tedale
A very Cute Logo
March 22, 2021

I have a very cute logo that I have always wanted to be brought to life. I was quite clear with wanted with something subtle and understated, for a zoom background, and other online media without being too distracting. Moxy created exactly what I wanted. It is perfect and still makes me smile when I see it in action. After the initial consultation, work was swift, with the preview files available in a few days. With just a couple of tweaks the final results were with me in well under a week. This was a highly professional process with a professional result and at a very affordable price for a small to medium business. Thank You

time to shake things up

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