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Animation Services

We offer a variety of services designed to capture your audience’s attention, whether you are looking to educate, entertain, or inspire

So what makes it so special?

Animation offers a fantastic opportunity to think and do things a little differently. To stand out from the competition. To be seen.

Motion Graphics

Are you looking for a cutting-edge way of displaying information in an engaging graphical way?

Displaying static data can be very dry and a sure way of losing your client’s attention. By using animated graphical representations of your information, infographics you can display a lot of information by condensing it and making it more.
Maybe you are finding it difficult to explain a concept, but an animated image will enhance your client’s visualisation.

Whilst this type of animation can be informative it can be entertaining, amusing without taking away from the subject matter.  Bar graphs, pie charts, facts and figures can be animated in such a way that visual emphasis can be placed where you need them.

Travel Agency Infographic aminated by Vinehall Studios

Logo Animation

Are you looking for an eye-catching way of exploding your brand? An animated logo can do this.

If you have had your logo for a while, animation is a way of making people take notice of your brand without the need for a full rebrand

We have several levels of services:

1. If you don’t yet have a logo or are looking for a new one we can design you a brand new shiney logo, created by one of our talented Graphic Designers. You will then be supplied with artwork for a static logo for your stationery and online prescence and an animated logo for your social media.

2. Where you have an existing logo created by your own Graphic Designer we take elements of your logo to supply you with an animated logo – usually about 3-5 seconds.

3. If you are looking for something just that bit more, we can create an animation where we use additional elements to explain a bit more about you or what you do. The animation supplied is usually up to 10 seconds.


Animated Images

Have you ever had a fantastic idea for a moving image that simply isn’t feasible in real life

Would you love to tap into an artist’s imagination and have them create a fantasy image that is specially designed for your product or your company? These videos only have small elements moving. Whilst they are not always used to tell a story, they are engaging and mesmerising in their own right.

There are several times

1. A static image where an over moves over the top.

2. Cinemagraph: Video of static images where small repeated movements form a looping video.

3. Video of a piece of digital art that has some of its layers animated.


Gary Wood - Plumbwood
Met all our Objectives
March 4, 2015

For our first ever video we knew what we wanted to achieve but really struggled with an accurate brief. Marian took our ramblings and produced a sharp and concise film that met all our objectives with minimal fuss or amendments. We will not hesitate to use her again in future videos we have planned.

time to shake things up

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