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Where did the name Moxy come from

Rock C the electric guitaristThis is a question I get asked a lot.  No Moxy isn’t my real name, it isn’t even a derivative of my real name…. it is a true nickname.

So where did it all start?

First, there was Rock C (sounds like Roxy) but was actually short for Rock Chicken

I was learning the acoustic guitar and found a videographer friend to teach me.  He asked if I wanted to learn the electric guitar instead, apparently, I was really enthusiastic and he said  “Rock Chick coming through” and I said (being of an older generation), “Rock Chicken more like” and it was shortened to Rock C.

Foxy in ActionThen came Foxy

I later worked alongside a photographer who had difficulty with his “Rs”, so I became Foxy as a joke.

Finally, along came Moxy

Later in time, I took up a contract photographing shotguns. When I accepted the post I was told that I would be given a nickname if I hadn’t got one already.  Well being a male-dominated (although not so much anymore) business, there was NO WAY, I was going to declare my nickname of Foxy, So Moxy was born, and I am afraid she is here to stay.

… oh and by the way, they were going to call me “David”

Post Date | April 2, 2021
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