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Creativity is like a fine wine – it cannot be rushed

There are times when, try and you might you cannot think, or simply dont feel creative. The more you try the harder it gets.

Creativity is like a fine wine, it simply cannot be rushed, but rest assured, unlike wine there are some things you can do to get those creative juices fizzing again

1 – Walk Away~
Yes, you heard me. walk away, take a break, get some fresh air. Get some air into those lungs, get a change of scenery. Try not to think of things, but let your mind wander.

2 – Look at other sources ~
There are a rich vault of images out there, online galleries, Pinterest, magazines, television (I am usually on “catch up” and quite often video bits of telly that inspires me). Take a walk in the High Street (take you mask) just in case you feel the need to go shopping. Look at window displays, the current colour trends. Start to assimilate little things that catch your attention. Colour, the way things are positioned in relation to each other, textures. Dont copy, that wont get you anywhere.

3 – Look at things from a different angle ~
If that means getting on the floor, lying on your back, climbing a hill (be safe) sometimes seeing something from a different viewpoint is inspiring. See things from the view of a child, a bird or even something upside down. Make sure you arent driving when you try this.

4 – Turn up ~
Does that sound odd? Just because you cannot create, sometimes just sitting in your creative place and doing something different, helps the habit of turning up, reduces the anxiety of not creating.

Do you have a muse, an imaginary (or privately real) friend which helps you create. Turning up keeps them happy.

5 – Keep a notebook ~
keep Jotting ideas down in a notebook. Keep it with you. Then at difficult times you have something that may inspire you and get the cogs in your brain sparking as they start turning again.

6 – Get a pin and a book ~
Literally get a pin and a book. Close your eyes and flick open a page and place a pin on the page. It goes without saying – be careful. Write the word down our pin has pierced, do this several times and try and make sense of what you have written down. Don’t over-think it. This is just an exercise.

7 – Phone a friend / watch or read something funny ~
Have a chat, have a laugh anything to get rid of that anxiety of the artistic block. It doesn’t matter. Not today, there is always tomorrow.

8 – Doodle, scribble words ~
I so envy people that doodle. when I see their notebooks rich with doodles, but then I like words. I like the way they look. I am more inspired that way – or maybe I am just weird.

9 – Turn up the volume – tease your other senses ~
If the neighbours complain, tell them I told you to. Switch off the visual part of your brain and fill it with sound. Listen to all the nuances, be aware of how you feel. Alternatively, try eating something new, smell and taste the ingredients or go outside, smell the flowers, the earth, the smells of the street, anything to stimulate your other senses and start creating how you feel.

10 – Create anything using different tools ~
If you are a painter, grab a pencil. If you are a photographer, grab a piece of chalk – ok maybe a pencil is easier for you too. Try and recreate something you have already created, but use a different medium. It doesn’t matter if it is not a masterpiece, just stimulate your brain.

11 – Create a challenge ~
Ask someone to challenge you. Get someone else to think of a subject for you. but do it. dont be fussy and not do it. If it is not something that inspires you, try some of the previous suggestions when creating the challenge, or better still, undertake the challenge against someone else… or do it together.

12 – Surround yourself with other creatives ~
Whilst we are yet to enjoy face to face meetings, join facebook groups with other creatives and simply get involved with discussing work.  You may find there is inspiration out there. maybe team up to create a project and share its development.  Who knows where this may lead.


Post Date | March 15, 2021
Post Author | Moxy Child
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